Sunday, March 13, 2011

sweet present

so-- my parents gave me some money for my birthday and i wanted to get something special with it. 
something that i would have and remember- ah. thats from my 25th birthday. 
so. after some thought and discussion with mom we decided on a pandora bracelet. 

and here she is. 

first charm: cross, anchor, heart-- i like to think of it as faith, hope & love. 

the middle is a D. for obvious reasons :) 

and the last is the one mom picked: hearts all the way around- 'eternal love'

i LOVE it. 
and am excited about adding more charms to it!!

1 comment:

PSIrwin said...

i got on for my bday last year and i love it. it is so much fun for people to pick out charms that they think will remind you of them. its pretty the charms. good choices!