Friday, March 18, 2011


im so far behind blogging! ...if i didn't have a cell phone i probably wouldn't blog at all!!
and of course i need to go now get ready for work.
but here are the basics.

#1. im so so soooo proud of my husband. HE PASSED HIS BOARD INTERVIEW WITH THE UMC!! i mean we all knew he would-- he is amazing and smart and just fabulous- but im so proud of him and all of his hard work. if you dont know anything the basics aabout the board interview-- its like your 'board exam' for anything. its ridiculous. you write crazy amounts of papers-- i think ry's totalled around 96 pages then you go for day long interviews. on top of other millions of meetings leading up to the interview. its intense. and our conferened ((western north carolina)) is a hard one!!

anyway. he passed.... so that means... WE MOVE JUNE 28!!! to our FIRST CHURCH!! wahhHH!
thats another post for another day! im excited. really!! can't wait!!

#2. since ive started running ive totalled 60 miles!!! ---my race is april 10. wooo!

#3 school is crazy.

#4 work is also crazy.

#5 the two of them together are keeping me insanely busy

#6 ryan & i are going on vacation!! colorado!! the week after ry graduates! we are flying out for a week of fun. just the two of us. hiking. waterfalls. the ROCKY mountains. breweries. rafting. there is going to be a million things to do. we can't wait!!

ok. thats the gist of life.

ill post more one day. when i have more time.
love & peace

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