Friday, March 11, 2011


25. sounds so old. 
i always thought when i was younger (like a kid- high schooler) i always thought 25 was old. 
i figured i would have a kid. why i thought this? i have no idea. 
but im glad i dont! haha. 
time & place for everything-- kid. not so much right now. 

anyway. 25 seems like a monumental year- so i am going to make it that. 
not only will i finish up grad school this year- ryan and i will move to our first church! a lot will be going on the next 12 months for sure!! for this year i  have made myself a goal: get in the best shape of my life. and run a 1/2 marathon. 

of course-- as any good blogger would do-- i have created a new blog. 

there are so many things that come up on my runs-- funny things i see, thoughts, etc.  i wanted to blog about it.  and blog about my process, reaching my goals, my struggles, and my excitement. 
i hope you read it occasionally when you want to check in on my running and my journey to becoming a runner. 

today's post on the blog ive been working on a couple weeks-- haha. im so lame. but it basically tells you the whole story of why i started running. 

well--- off to enjoy some movies. food. shopping. sushi. and friends. 

love & peace!

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