Friday, December 3, 2010

the grand finale.

before i begin... dashboard confessional. in concert. amazing.
wassss soooo much fun.
loved it.

well team. its that time again.
the first semester of grad school is coming to a close.
and i have 2 tests and another graded patient simulation.
patient simulation being i have a fake patient that i have to come into the room- assess- ask all the right questions- listen in all the right places- do all the right stuff-- then come up with some differential diagnosis. all in 20 minutes. and its all graded. (well pass/fail) lovely fun.
and then 2 tests.
luckily-- i have an awesome job. and they gave me an entire week off of work for finals.
so i can study. write. study. and study more.

so thats what ill be doing for the next 6 days.
see you next weekend--- as a free girl! close to my best friend's wedding!!

love & peace

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