Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i needed another happy/fun picture today.
i just took another pathophys test.
another week spent studying- hours of learning- memorizing- and trying to understand.
and for what?
hopefully i passed my test.
thats for what.
its frustrating to put forth sooooo much effort and really try.
and then know that #1 other people probably cheated and got much better grades than i
and #2 i work hard and dont see good results

dont get me wrong. im learning so much. i really feel like i 'get it'. its just the tests. they are ridiculous. questions from who knows where about NOTHING ive studied or even read in the book or heard in lecture. and then the ones i do know are SOOO tricky.

why be tricky?

oh pathophysiology. 4 more weeks and then im done.
wow. 4 weeks.
im so gladdddddd.

love & peace-
from a tired, worn out, gal

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Katie B said...

Are you even going to explain that picture?!