Wednesday, November 17, 2010


im at the point that i feel like i know the material.
ive been hours and hours studying, reading, watching videos, trying to understand.
and right now i do.
i can verbalize all the major topics on our test tomorrow.


and its a BIG BUT.

i know when i get that test tomorrow.... i wont know what i need to know.
ill know everything about the disease EXCEPT the one thing asked.
or ill get tricked. or ill confused myself.

im glad i feel confident about the info.
im at least trying to stay positive....
if you want to know about parkinson's or guillan barre, or rheumatoid arthritis
((or you are my patient with one of those problems))
i feel pretty confident i can explain to you about the pathophys on that disease.
and well.
thats what matters.

so so soooo excited about a weekend of no studying.
very little homework :)

the countdown to good things::
-ryan's birthday (saturday!)
- a week off of school
- a week to rest and relax
- 1 more patho test
- 1 more assessment test
-1 more assessment demo
- <1month before christmas break
- christmas vacay with the macminns
- christmas!
- then saraaaaaa's WEDDDINNNNG
- then a spring full of duke basketball and class one day a week and CLINICALS!

man, im doing a good job of procrastinating...
i should probably get back to studying and trying to figure out those rando questions that the prof is going to ask...

love & peace

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