Wednesday, November 24, 2010


a couple weeks ago an old friend told me she would be in the area for thanksgiving and we should get together. well time passed-- and yesterday i got a message- you able to meet up tomorrow?
this morning i got a text with an address-- a couple of hours away-- and i was pumped.
hopped in the shower and took off.
after a very wrong turn that had me headed north instead of south-- for like the MAJORITY of my drive... i got headed the right way and ended up seeing my best friend from growing up.

its crazy the memories that come flooding back after 6 years of being a part-- it was like the last 6 years didn't happen-- oh but they did.

2 college graduations, 2 weddings and a baby later-- we were reunited and it was so so so good.
after a veryyyyy long lunch
she and her family talked me into spending the afternoon with them.
then the evening.
then having dinner with them.

oh how wonderful it was.
to be surrounded by a family that growing up i considered another family to me, sitting at a table, talking, laughing and catching up.
what a perfect day.

ashley and i became friends in 2nd grade- friends through elementary school, ms, and hs. then senior year went to india together. i broke my arm at her house once- we went to panama city for spring break one year with her family. we spent LOTSSSS of nights together growing up. its crazy how quickly time passes---

i think we were ten.... or younger... maybe 8?
and here we are age 25....

so tonight im thankful for old friends and families that helped shape me into the person i am today. and the fact ive had a camera at my side since age 8. mimicking 15 year old pictures is quite fun.

:) love & peace

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