Monday, November 22, 2010


craziest day at work in a while...
mondays are crazy.
mainly due to the fact 100million ppl check into the ER for NO reason.
things such as "i need to know if im pregnant", "ive had this headache for weeks", "ive been feeling anxious now for about a year", were all people i encountered today while working in triage.
its amazing to me the people i come across.
almost all lack a primary care doctor, and when told, did you know you simply can buy a pregnancy test, that is JUST like the one the hospital uses, at any local store they respond "i dont care".
it can be quite frustrating at times... but such is life.
it was a long day, without a lunch break, but i survived.

mostly because i spent time (in between running around) thinking back on my relaxing weekend, AND i listened to christmas music.

oh how i love christmas music.

anyway... best barbeque you can buy in north carolina--
as seen on LOTS of tv shows...

simply: amazing.
never eaten ribs that were this perfect.
and no offense to my grandma, but this banana pudding was freaking incredible.
this is a MUST go to.

well going to hit up the books for a tiny little bit before bed...
here is the perfect picture of my life... thanks to sweet ryan.

love & peace

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Laura Ann. said...

That last picture was a "feel-for-ya" moment for me. Keep up the good work!!