Wednesday, October 27, 2010

north carolina fair...

me and ryan went to the state fair with his two best friends saturday....

this is HOW BIG the fair is in raleigh.... normally would have taken 30 minutes to get there and park---- but due to HORRIFIC traffic it took 2.5 hours! unreal.

thats ok though.

ryan got to experience his first fair.
fried food.
ferris wheel.
crazy looking and acting people.
and. well the real reason we went-- was for DREW to propose!
it was aweesommme and so sweet.
and sooo fun.

and despite it being PITCH BLACK and my camera malfunctioning, i did get a few good pics of the lovely couple after.

yay for jenny and drew!!

....been doing school work and work since then. wooo.

looking forward to the weekend.
Halloween party at our place on friday!
should be lotsss of fun!

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Sara said...

aw, yay. I wish I could come to your Halloween party!