Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i forget...

that this is really me....

a duke university nursing student.
im going to be a nurse practitioner when i grow up.
oh oh oh my.

school is getting crazy.
work is getting- scratch that- work IS exhausting.
but life is so so so good.

im married to a wonderful man.
its fall which means amazing weather.
beautiful trees.
and one season closer to christmas ((next i see the fam AND when my bestest friend is getting MARRIED))
i have an amazing supportive family.
food in my kitchen.
and a list of friends that im hanging out with this weekend.

life is soo soo good.
God has given me so sooo many blessings.

love & peace

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PSIrwin said...

i oh-so-dearly enjoy reading your blog about you being so happy. it is easy to not recognize our abundant blessings - like great friends and wonderful husbands - and it brings me so much joy to see that you always, without fail, see the beauty in it! i miss you!