Thursday, October 14, 2010


its been a blahhh day.
woke up at 4am with a stomach bug.
took a test this morning at 830.
took a nap.
went to the dentist and had a filling.
watched a lot of hgtv.
didn't eat.
slept. delt with an angry tummy.
did a little homework.
ate/drank some broth.
and laid on the couch more.
until around 8 tonight.
i craved a sweet tea-- and needed something cold for my miserable mouth.

i went and got a delicous sweet tea from cook out-- they have the BEST ice--
but now... as im gearing up for bed... i realized i had sweet tea.
with caffeine.

oh dear.
what a day.... its been a lonnng one.

here are some MORE pictures from this past weekend at home.
it was a perfect weekend.
well the only thing that would have been better is if i had stayed longer and had my hubby with me....

the family in front of their NEW HOUSE!
**please disregard the tables and chairs on the front porch-- we had a big luncheon on the porch**

me and my oh so grown up and old brothers... i think we may do this pose forever....

my bestest friend in the whole world....
the BRIDE TO BE! :)

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