Wednesday, September 1, 2010


the first day of class was just that.
made me want to be an fnp so much more!
got me so excited about my future profession!
and made me love duke even more!
granted... ill be giving duke money for years, i feel they are giving me an amazing education that will last a lifetime. i say... its worth it in the end.
i mean its the #15 nursing program in the COUNTRY
so ugh... thats pretty darn amazing.

it was a good day- met some new friends/study partners- and got my first week load of assignments. couple hundred pages of reading, 3 online quizzes, 6 videos to watch, and a large comprehensive health history write up... none of that is actually DIFFICULT-- its just a lot. and well im sure it will just continue to accumulate.

im ready. and im excited.
off to work now... not excited about that though.
hopefully i can get some reading done throughout the day though.
i can always be hopeful right?!?!

love & peace
your one & only blue devil

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