Wednesday, September 29, 2010

calming down...

on paper it seems easy to say... ok. ill wake up at 8-- do hw until 10. work from 11-11 and then come home and be in bed around 1130 so i can be up tomorrow at 8am and do it all over....
when i come home at 11... im wide eyed.
i just spent 12 hours running my booty off-- dealing with people--
and yes my body is exhausted (from literally standing and running for 12 hours), my brain is fried from thinking so much-- but sleep?! i can't do it.

not yet.

i have to chill out.
calm down.
and just wait until i get so worn out i can fall asleep.

so thats what im doing now...
calming down. slowing down. thinking about sleep.

perhaps a warm shower will help.

long day of school tomorrow...

peace & love

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