Sunday, September 19, 2010

::ahh the weekend::

i did my first irresponsible thing as a grad student this weekend....
i took a day off.
crazy-- i know.
i spent around 10 hours NOT doing any school or work related thing...
and i had a blast.

i was a bit anxious about not doing my work, but looking back im so glad i spent my saturday having fun. i think taking a day off once a month is a very very good idea.

so saturday... ryan and i went to the alabama/duke football game.

we tailgated, ate free food, hung out with our awesome friends, and just enjoyed life.
it was wonderful... even if we were destroyed by alabama.
we spent a lot of the game coming up with a million reasons why, although alabama is good at football-- we are better at a lot of other things.
it was such a fun day.

these are a few of my FAVORITE durham people:

the nicest, funniest, loving, most down to earth people i have ever known.
these guys and lovely lady are so dear to me.
i am so grateful to have them in my life.
(and yes. 3 of them are wearing alabama gear)


anyway... after a SUPER FUN day yesterday...
i have spent today in the books.
probably will total out the day with around 10 hours of doing school work?!! yeahhhh. its unreal. but its all good. i loveeee it.

off to study... first big test is wednesday.

love & peace

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Sara said...

I'm so glad you love it :) That makes school much more do-able!