Saturday, July 17, 2010


im alive. don't worry.
ive just been away for a whole week--- loving life.
i got to spend a few WONDERFUL days with my family.
eating lots of good food. laughing. playing games. playing in the woods. and exploring new places.
i had a blast with them. it made me so happy to go home and spend some good quality time with the brothers & mom & dad.
i also got to spend some great quality time with my bestest friend from elementary school... amy beth. we go back to kindergarten. she is one of those friends i am blessed to see about twice a year- but thats all we need. we stay super close. still have our fun secrets. still eat lots of icecream. giggle about life. time with amy is something i cherish deeply. :)
then i went to the lake for a few days to visit sara & her family.
and her awesome fiancee! (thats for you john. although im pretty sure you dont' read this)
we had a blast-- playing on the water. eating more food. playing. talking. wedding planning. lots of realllllly great times with my favorite other family (after my two families of course)
i had such a wonderful time at home. i miss it so very much.
i miss my family. and being close to my lifelong friends. and my other adopted families (the foshee's and brasher's) its always so good to go home.
the last two days ive enjoyed some fabulous husband & wife time.
went out and picked blackberries, went swimming, laid out, talked, went to a movie, watched a movie at home, had dinner with our neighbors, went shopping, and just spent time together.
it was also WONDERFUL.
i missed my husband so much while at home-- so two days alone- just us. was PERFECT. :)
anyway... im working now for the next few days.
countdown to our anniversary has begun!
can you believe we've almost been married a YEAR!!! i can't even believe it! we are going to the outer banks for our anniversary/ colin's wedding. i have FOURTEEN DAYS OFF WORK!!! for us to travel- relax- and have a REAL vacation all while celebrating colin's wedding! then we will start school. ekkkK!
anyway. one month until vacation & our anniversary. wooohoo! :)
well thats an expediated update on my life.
love & peace to you all

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