Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"we won the national championship"

... the simple first words of coach k today inside cameron.

to outsiders... you may never understand.
but to dukies and really anyone that loves college basketball...
when your team wins the national championship

last night ry & i joined 4,000 other students (and spouses) inside duke's home gym to watch the national championship game. it was UNREAL. so tense.
if you didn't see it... you should watch it online... but it went back and forth the WHOLE GAME.
in the end duke was the better team. and pulled out an amazing win.

inside cameron
we stormed the court-
went crazy in the middle of the court-
then headed out to the quad to celebrate around the bonfire.

it was (probably) a once in a lifetime experience
and one i wont forget

here are a few pics from the night:

right after the win... middle of the court... final score & the newspaper...

the bonfire...

the happy couple

Here is an AWESOME picture... that really shows how awesome the bonfire is... and its really all about the tradition of it. its just what duke does.


anyway. off to bed after a long day of work.

love & peace


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