Sunday, April 18, 2010


i love the mountains.
its so beautiful here.
the air is better for you.
its cool at night.
pretty trees.
lots of pretty flowers.
lakes, creeks.

tonight we hopped in the car and just drove...
through the mountains.
just to drive.

it was wonderful.
we have had such a great relaxing weekend
tomorrow is one of ryan's meetings with the UMC board to become certified.
haha..... anyway.
it made for a great trip to the mountains!
and made me hope that maybe one day... not TOO far away...
we will be setting up house here.

fun thought!
ill post pictures of our lovely trip soon.

love & peace

PS... still taking favorite book recommendations!
tell me your favorite book/what i should read.
ive started a MASSIVE list. its turned into a life list.
because i can't read them all in the next 4 months... haha...
but still. LET ME KNOW your favorite book!

1 comment:

Julia said...

my favorite books are the Harry Potter ones, I read the whole series every summer and christmas break. They are about the only books that i reread and the only ones i read for pleasure (for now)! And i still laugh out loud and cry every time!