Thursday, March 18, 2010


after an early morning, and a rough start...
i came home and saw this video on a friend's blog.
and by friend i mean previous "boss"... although she wasn't your typical 'boss'.
she was my 'boss' at camp my FIRST summer at epworth...
anyway... 5 years later or is it six?!?
she has 4 kids... 2 of which are twins.
here is the video she posted this morning... that brightened my day
and really made me chuckle...
gosh i love kids.

Dancing machines from Suzanne Akins on Vimeo.

suzanne has a crazy fun blog over at
her writing is simply HiLARIOUS... and her kids are soooo funny.
and let me just add... suzanne probably has no idea i even read her blog!
oh geeez. the blogging world is crazy...

ok. hope you laugh and smile a little today.

1 comment:

Suzanne Akins said...

Look what I found.....hehehehe

No need to have videos to entertain you...just come to my house one day and live the life. You will laugh. Then you will die from exhaustion. ;)

Thanks for the love!