Friday, March 19, 2010

sunshine and back decks

man... to say i love this new schedule of mine would be an understatement.
one might think that they would enjoy sleeping in until midnight & staying up until 3am...
but trust me. working until 3.
not falling asleep until 4.
then sleeping until noon...
makes you feel...
i just felt off.

but for the past week ive worked 11a-11p a couple of days and started the new shift.
what a difference it has made. i can wake up at 9. do things before work. go to work. and then be in bed by midnight. mmmmm.
its gooood. real good.

i dont know about you... but im loving this sunshine.
60's & 70's, sunshine, blue sky and a back deck made for a nice afternoon.
and then the hubs made awesome turkey burgers for dinner...

they were soooo good.

now its duke basketball and relaxin...
before a saturday at work for me.
maybe since its going to be so nice outside... people will not come to the ER
i can hope right?!?

love & peace
& happy sunshine!


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