Monday, March 1, 2010


at least i try to be. ive been trying to live in the mindset of thankfulness. its not easy. i often forget. but when i am- it seems life is just a happier place to be.

...good sleep
...starting a new class/having to study/do hw/ and get back into that mindset
...homemade brownies- with nuts, caramel, and chocolate syrup
...spending time with friends
...a clean house
...a sweet husband who turns on the music and helps clean, wash, dust & vaccum
... hot showers
... the stars
... the opportunity to work another chrysalis this summer!
...hearing barbara brown taylor preach (and dang what an amazing sermon it was)
... sunshine

im looking forward to the week ahead-
lots of random hours of work
2 ER classes that are 8 hours each
copeland in concert!
duke v unc home game saturday
then 3 days of work next week before our mini vacation!

adios for now
love & peace

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