Saturday, February 27, 2010

the new me

school work.
moutain dew.
mac book.

its the new me.
i started my class work today...
hoping it pays off in the end.
so far its just a whole lot of words i dont know.
we shall see how it goes.

i will say- it was kinda cool to have my teacher in a small lil box on the computer screen-
watching class- with my "word" document box open on the screen taking notes.
im thinking i could def get use to this....

lets cross our fingers i get into duke
and will be doing school for the next two years.
oh gee i hope. i hope. i hope.
ill find out soon...

off to enjoy the rest of the saturday with my sweet hubby.
hw. mexican dinner. movie.

love & peace

1 comment:

PSIrwin said...

love the new look!
too cute!