Saturday, April 25, 2009


its april. not may. sorry. i just want it to be august.
and yes it will probably be a hot summer.
but i hear august its suppose to be the coolest one in history. like in the 70s.
especially around August 15. high: 75. bright blue clear sky.

ok... so i can wish right? and pray realllllllly hard! add that to your prayer list. a cool/sunny aug 15th!

speaking of that. booked the reception today: ou lala (super excited about it), worked on the guest list.... and right now its PERFECT, found some awesome furniture at an antique store (that if i had a huge truck and a lot of money i would buy and take with me to durham) and found a wedding band that i reallllly want. now i have to hunt for an affordable one! luckily i have time to hunt. :)

going to "prom" tonight. actually just SF's senior kappa delta formal. should be loads of fun though. good food. fun music. fun people. im excited.

ok. the end. for now... be back later im sure.

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