Tuesday, February 17, 2009


ive always toyed with the idea to make my groomsman's ties. i think it would be neat.
today. i made my first tie.
i figured i have six months... if i want to do it i better start practicing now.
so this is my first tie.
most def not the best thing ive ever seen, BUT i did go quite quickly, used crappy scissors, never once ironed a crease and i handstitched it instead of using a sewing machine. im thinking this is def a possibility and def will work out. after i practice and make a few more. a whole lot more. but really using a sewing machine and iron will make a world of a difference.

so here goes. here is my first tie. dont judge. remember. its my first one.

:: pattern::

the end result

yeah... the pointy part isn't really pointy. its because my stitch isn't a perfect line. once again. a sewing machine will solve that prob.


Katie B said...


PSIrwin said...

you're definately getting there...except for the pointy part not being so pointy...oh, you noticed that already? love you!

Danielle said...

haha.. yeah. not pointy. but i have 5 and 3/4 months to make it pointy! and ry pointed out... when he saw it in real life... its really thin. like apparently ties are much thicker than it is? i dunno. i think ill go back to a fabric store and select a new fabric for tie #2.