Wednesday, February 4, 2009

THE story.... of my life.

im quite the happy girl.

as in the best story. not a long autobiography of my whole life.

the best story from the best day eevvverrr. ever. EVER.

the story of the engagement.

::first i apologize its taken so long. ive worked the last THREE days. yeah. 3 12's. ah!::

ok. here it is. enjoy.

How it ::the proposal:: happened:

Ryan planned a Saturday surprise trip for me. When I got to his house he told me go ahead and get in the car- we need to get on the road. So I did- and we got on the road. About a mile down the road Ryan told me he forgot the directions. He told me to look around the car so I did- and we pulled over to continue to the search. No luck. There were no directions anywhere. At this point I was a little flustered because I knew if we had to turn around I would not get Hardee’s breakfast. Ryan says- Gosh. we have to turn around and go back. So we did.

Once we got back to the house Ryan gave me his ipod and told me to try and get it to work while he ran inside. He returned a few minutes later stating he had no luck. I told him I’d go in and look with him. Upon entering his room I stood in shock. He had lit candles all over the room and made a collage of pictures of our four years together. I was so caught up in everything I looked down and HOLY COW. There was Ryan on his knee with the ring.

At this point I was doing a lot of laughing and crying. the laughter was simply because he fooled me. He got me SO good. I was SHOCKED and I couldn’t believe it was happening. After a moment of bliss- Ryan told me he made me breakfast (sausage balls- my fav) and that we were going to the mountains for a day of hiking and fun.

Boy it was- we went to hanging rock state park here in North Carolina and spent the day enjoying our time together. We hiked, had a picnic, took TONS of pictures, and saw some amazing waterfalls. The night was topped off with an amazing dinner one of the best restaurants we have ever been to. we enjoyed lamb, beef something on top of mashed potatoes, some wonderful wine, and a delicious dessert before the drive home.

the day was simply PERFECT.

ps here is the ring.
i LOOOVEEE it. so perfect and SO TOTALLY ME!

check out more goodies about me and rhino's big day here:
*its will be updated as we make plans.... just so ya know. :)


Emily Geyer said...

Danielle! I'm so excited for you! Being married is the best gift in the WHOLE freaking world. WAY better than you could ever expect!! Thanks for sharing the precious story :)

BEAT said...

A LaGrange wedding? Who is marry you crazy kids? Please say Alvin. Please say Alvin.

KGarv said...


Margaret said...

Danielle, I am so excited. Good luck, best wishes, ect. Can't wait to watch all the plans come together!!!!!

Meghan said...

So, my computer crashed months ago and sometimes I can go a week without checking blogs. . .and today I check yours. . .OH MY GOODNESS!! HOW DID I MISS IT!!
I am so happy for both of you!!!
Love and Best Wishes to you both!