Sunday, February 15, 2009

six months.

ill be mrs snider. ...WHAT!?!??!!!

ummm. crazy.
how darn exciting.

:) its been a fun day consisting of duke chapel church, bk lunch, and a trip to a delicious coffee shop where ryan studied and i read real simple weddings. best book/magazine ever. this evening i began making a massive guest list. figured it will take a lil time to make it. decide. (only 150 can fit in the chapel!) and then get all of these addresses. looovveely.

anyway. im enjoying a lovely night with ryan. my future hubby. :)

love and peace. d


Sara said...

well only forgetting one name is quite a feat. haha.

amberbaldridge said...

Just a tip: Don't forget to request that all your young/college friends sit in the balcony. Can you imagine your great aunt mildred trying to climb up that teeeeeeny tiny scary staircase?

Hope you're enjoying planning!