Friday, February 27, 2009

name game.

thanks blair for this killer idea. go here and you too can find this crazy info out...

i am the only dani mac in the united states. even crazier there are FEWER than 336 people in the US with my same last name!!
  • There are 227,883 people in the U.S. with the first name Danielle.
  • Statistically the 288th most popular first name.
  • More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Danielle are female.
intersting isn't it! maybe not be true, but sounds likely!! :)
i am the only dani mac on facebook... so i mean thats basically the whole world right? crazy! oh wait. i just remember... im changing my name!!! so the one and only dani mac will soon be no more!! :( and dang. there are 30 people in the us with my new name. im flying solo no more. :(

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PSIrwin said...

i don't feel so bad about stupid google analytics now. I never could figure out where to put it in my layout either.
I have an appt. at DB today at 11! Jess is going with me, I called and asked if I needed an appt and they said they suggested it so I went ahead and made one. Let you know how it turns out.