Saturday, February 7, 2009

let the hunt begin.

i am at home.
having a BALL.
since i am getting married in 6 months.
and it takes about 3 months for a wedding dress to come in.
and then it must be altered.
i am on the hunt for a killer stunning dress.
today the hunt began.
it was a BLASSTTTTT.
of course i dont have pictures to post-
except for these two.
taken by my lovely sara.
she has a few more pics on her blog.

dont worry. this is not going to turn into a wedding blog. but it just so happens that today i did wedding stuff. haha... :)

anyway. also went to a lagrange college alumni council meeting. so great. makes me love my alma mater so much.

anyway. off to bed. im exhauuusted.
peace and love.

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