Thursday, February 26, 2009


a soda.
and its only day two.

isn't funny how when you are actually trying NOT to do something- its so darn easy to do it? such as the fact at work i am surronded by soda. its everywhere. and i can just have one if i want it. did i ever notice this before. no not really at all. not until now. AND here at work we have a killer coffee maker that makes flavored coffees. did i use it before now? no. well once. and now all i think about is how good one would be.

ummmm. hello. what in the world.

anyway. today is my last of six days on. i have worked 6 out of the last 8 days. TERRIBLE when its 12 1/2 hour shifts - that most have turned into 13 or 13.5 hours. hopefully tonight ill get out of here early. i hope. but 3 days off... and they will be glorious.

duke won bball last night. thank goodness. for many reasons but #1- ry is/will be in a great mood. :) plus we are watching lost tonight (since duke was on last night; thank goodness of DVR).

also. ry and i are looking at apts/townhomes here in the durham. dude. thats so darn exciting! ill be moving in JUNE! so if you are free ill give you lots of good food and fun if you help!! :) speaking of if you know of anyone who is renting a house/town house for cheap fill us in!! id MUCH rather rent a house- but hello. im not made of money! but durham-ites out there. keep your eyes open.

ok. enough blabbering for now.

peace and love.

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Katie B said...

cravings? are you pregnant?