Friday, November 14, 2008


so. im soaking wet.
not just damp...
but soaking. like hair is drenched and my clothes were as well.
my silver shoes also got their first taste of rain... i just hope they dont shrink or anything.

its a downpour out there. with some lightning and thunder... not the biggest fan of storms UNLESS im in bed with my mom... or have my daddy or ryan by my side.

not sure why- but storms are one of my biggest fears in life. always ALWAYS have been. i can remember being a lil kid at a braves game one night and a storm broke out- big thunder, lightning, downpour the whole works- and i was FREAKED out. even smaller in KINDERGARTEN i can remember a tornado came over my school... and then just last march a tornado came over me again... and as a 21 year old mature adult... i cried and cried and shook with terror. ask mom. she was there.

so strange to me... and mom. we have spent many a hours discussing this fear of mine... bc its probably not natural. but oh well. who knows... i mean if a storm is far off in the distance i love watching them... like for instance at the beach or in a giant field... but when they are up close and personal... no fun. i truly HATE it.

anyway... its funny that its storming tonight because i was just telling ryan i believe one reason i might be afraid of storms is bc of the wizard of oz... and that terrible tornado at the was on television tonight... did you happen to watch it? we watched parts... and thats what got me thinking about storms.

and now its storming... what a coincidence.

oh well. im done rambling.
off to bed in the midst of the storm...

peace and love.

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