Tuesday, May 5, 2009

funny story...

... but first. remember that job interview i had today?
i got it.
i HAVE A NEW JOB!!! in an Emergency Room! to say im excited is an understatement.
the current job is just not where im suppose to be. but it was a good experience.

so now on to my funny story... which also has to do with my new job.

last week ry & i went to barnes and noble. since im in a very "educated" "academic" town we have a pretty large "local author" section. i think its cool to read local authors. support them. and read a story that may just be based in the town you live. anyway, i picked up a book written by an ER doc about his life and times in the ER. I thought it looked great. so i picked it up. ...it even happened to be signed- so i was like cool. added bonus.

flash-forward a couple of days. my friend A & I were at work chatting in the hall. I was telling her I feel inspired to write a book about my first year as a nurse. about this time one of our favorite cardiologists (heart doctors) walks about and jumps in our convo. he said, "danielle, if you are serious you should read Paul Austin's book: Something for the pain " (thats the link to the book). ... i was like WOAH! i totally am right now! So we started chatting about the book and just so happens that this Doc is friends with Dr. Austin. whats even crazier... Dr. Austin works in MY hospital. in the ER that I just got a JOB IN!!!!!!!

i mean its pretty crazy. at least i thought so. and you would think- duh. if he is a local ER doc of course he does... but no no. there are 6 BIG hospitals in this area (and those are just the ones of the top of my head) so its pretty crazy that he happens to be at mine.

anyway if you are interested in emergency medicine it is phenomenal! at least so far. one of the best books ive read. its very simply written, just true life stories of life in the ER. His life ouside work and inside work. and med school stories and all sorts of stuff. its great.

anyway. i just took some nyquil and am heading to bed. i have one nasty head cold... that is wearing me down.

peace & lots of love.